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Information and Communication Technologies have enabled the convergence of a wide array of technology based and technology mediated resources for teaching learning. It has therefore become possible to employ ICT as an omnibus support system for education. The potential of ICT to respond to the various challenges the Indian education system poses are:
ICT can be beneficially leveraged to disseminate information about and catalyze adaptation, adoption, translation and distribution of sparse educational resources distributed across various media and forms. This will help promote its widespread availability and extensive use. There is an urgent need to digitize and make available educational audio and video resources, which exist in different languages, media standards and formats.


ICT can address teacher capacity building, ongoing teacher support and strengthen the school system’s ability to manage and improve efficiencies, which have been difficult to address so far due to the size of the school system and the limited reach of conventional methods of training and support.
Given the scarcity of print resources as well as web content in Indian languages, ICT can be very gainfully employed for digitizing and disseminating existing print resources like books, documents, handouts, charts and posters, which have been used extensively in the school system, in order to enhance its reach and use.

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